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Whether you know this best as e-safety, internet safety or online safety, they all mean the same thing. Teaching children how to stay safe online is an extremely important life skill as the number of people connected to the internet grows daily by approximately 1,000,000 (2018). Online safety isn't about completely irradicating potential pitfalls (which is impossible); it is teaching awareness and strategies to mitigate the inherant risk of using digital technologies. Online Safety at Oughtrington is promoting awareness of potential threats that our learners could encounter online relating to security, privacy, online reputation and avoiding harmful or illegal content. We promote the SMART Rules! 

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This is a fantastic site for parents to find out more about how to help their child get the most out of the internet. There is also a lot of information about some up to date and relevant issues impacting young people.

This is a great website for helping families decide the age-appropriateness of a range of media including apps, books, films and games.

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A team of Digital Leaders from Year 5 and 6 are appointed each academic year to help promote online safety in school. The children have access to their own personal "class page" in Google Classroom and are responsible for looking after our digital equipment, supporting teachers in the classroom, helping to collect feedback through pupil voice and promoting Online Safety. 

On Safer Internet day this year, we created a video about how we use the internet at home and school and how we would like the internet to be in future. 

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In previous years, Digital Leaders have run Online Safety workshops for parents to demonstrate their understanding of how to stay safe on the internet.

Online Safety posters completed by Digital Leaders: 


In KS1, we promote internet safety using stories, such as Smartie the Penguin. Smartie learns to tell his parents when he sees something on the internet that upsets him. Mummy and Daddy penguin are always pleased that Smartie lets them know so that they can help.



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Project Evolve resources support the Computing Curriculum to effectively teach Online Safety. They are endorsed by logos.png

We have taken part in a number of online safety virtual assemblies with Google's 'Be Internet Legends'. Our computing lead also presents assemblies to highlight current issues and to revisit SMART rules. 

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At Oughtrington Primary School the safeguarding of pupils is our highest priority. We are committed to ensuring our pupils are safe in school and when online.

If you have any concerns about the online safety of a pupil, please speak to a memeber of the Safeguarding Team via 01925 752086 or by email at [email protected] 

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