Curriculum Drivers

At Oughtrington, our ethos is very much about developing the whole child. We believe in providing our children with a wide range of opportunities to prepare them for the next stage of learning and equipping them with the life skills and experiences for this. Alongside the requirements of the National Curriculum, our school values are represented by Curriculum Drivers. These are the key skills and values we would like our children to experience and develop during their time at Oughtrington. They drive and shape the curriculum and are incorporated across all subjects and themes. 

It is our aim to use these drivers to underpin learning experiences in all areas of school life and to ensure our curriculum is enriched and personalised to the needs of our children. As part of our values education, each driver will also be used as part of a whole school focus each half term. 

Our Curriculum Drivers / school values are:


Respect is a key value in our school as it promotes excellent behaviour and positive relationships. We believe that children need to develop the skills to work with others and to be respectful in a variety of situations. It is important that our children understand different cultures, beliefs and religions so that they develop into respectful individuals.


Our children need to become resilient in order to deal with the challenges and obstacles they face. It is important that they develop the ability to solve problems without giving up. By providing opportunities to develop their confidence by having a ‘have a go’ attitude, increasing their independence and their emotional strength, as well as taking risks and thinking positively, we hope that they will become resilient individuals. 


Our school motto is ‘Aspiring to Greater Heights’ and we fully encourage our children to embrace this. At Oughtrington we encourage children to be the best they can possibly be and to challenge themselves as learners. Children are encouraged to aim high, to produce work of high quality and to take pride in themselves. 


At Oughtrington, children are provided with opportunities to be imaginative and to use their  experiences to make connections in their learning. Our school ethos is very much about developing children as a whole and providing them with a wide range of opportunities. Children are encouraged to develop their knowledge and skills through a range of creative, physical and expressive activities, developing their skills and talents and enriching their learning experience.


We believe that it is important for children to become responsible individuals and to understand their social responsibilities and what makes a good citizen. In order to support children with this, they are encouraged to understand their own strengths and weaknesses, try new things, ask for help when they need it, take responsibility for their own learning to help them achieve their goals and to acknowledge their mistakes and use these as positive learning opportunities.


Kindness is a great value for improving the well-being of others. It can support people to be happy, confident and well-rounded individuals. Because of this, we encourage children to have empathy and compassion, to celebrate their differences and uniqueness and to be kind and tolerant towards others. Our children are also taught to recognise the kind acts that other people do for them.



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