Reading At Home

How can I help my child with their reading?

The BookTrust is a charity with lots of helpful advice on supporting your child's reading at home:

The Literacy Trust is another charity with lots of helpful advice and information on their website:

How can I choose the right books for my child?

Finding the right book for your child can be a challenge when there is so much out there! There are lots of ways to get recommendations of quality books that your child will enjoy -  whatever their age and whatever their interest.

We would always recommend visiting a library, a bookshop or browsing online sellers with your child, and involving them in choosing a book that appeals to them. Librarians and booksellers are experienced and can always offer advice. Online booksellers include reviews and excerpts to help you choose. You can also find out which books are the most popular at the moment. Don't forget to ask other parents and your child's friends what they would recommend aswell.

The following websites allow you to search for recommended books by age and type of book e.g. humourous, historical, fantasy e.t.c:



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