Curriculum Vision

Oughtrington Primary School Curriculum


Our school ethos is to place the children at the heart of everything we do. Our curriculum is designed to be ambitious and inspire an enthusiasm for learning in all of our pupils. Our curriculum seeks to engage children, to challenge them academically and to help them to develop as a whole person. It is designed to give all children, including our most disadvantaged children and children with Special Educational Needs, the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. Our aim is to build children’s substantive and disciplinary knowledge within a subject with a clearly designed and sequenced curriculum which enables the children to know and remember more.

Progression and revisiting of learning is clearly mapped out across subjects and the interplay between substantive and disciplinary knowledge is clearly set out. There is a focus on developing knowledge within a subject rather than links across subjects. However, where these are relevant, they are made.

We place emphasis upon developing a love of reading. This key skill is essential to enable children to reach their full potential and to develop their imaginations whilst accessing our curriculum. This starts in the first days of Reception and continues throughout all year groups. 

In order to tailor our curriculum to meet the needs of our children and our school community, our contextual strengths and challenges are evident throughout our curriculum, along with our Curriculum Drivers/values.


Our curriculum has been designed to provide our pupils with experiences and opportunities which best meet their needs. The acquisition of substantive and disciplinary knowledge is carefully planned to create a purposeful and exciting learning journey for every child. In order to do this, we provide a broad, balanced curriculum which is full of opportunities such as trips, visitors, experiences and activities that create awe and wonder and enable children to know and remember more.

Children are encouraged to develop an understanding and use of a wide range of vocabulary. This is carefully planned for and sequenced within our curriculum design. Vocabulary is explicitly taught and revisited to support children in acquiring high levels of oracy. 

Our curriculum is carefully sequenced to ensure that children build on prior learning and make progress in all subject areas. We support our pupils to discover and develop their own talents and interests. Our curriculum has real world relevance so that it prepares our pupils for success in life.

Our school values run through our curriculum, so that life in our school continually enhances pupils’ social and relationship skills. This includes developing and deepening pupils’ understanding of the fundamental British values of democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law, and mutual respect and tolerance. Our school values are also represented by our Curriculum Drivers.


Through quality first teaching, our curriculum provides a strong foundation and a wide range of opportunities to prepare our pupils for transition into the next stage of their learning. During their time at Oughtrington, we hope our pupils will become respectful, creative, ambitious, resilient, responsible and kind individuals.

We are successful when our pupils are:

  • Effective team workers who are confident and capable in all areas of communication
  • Creative and critical thinkers
  • Resilient, responsible, respectful, self-motivated and reflective learners who aspire to greater heights
  • Active, responsible citizens who make positive contributions to society and are aware of local and global issues
  • Healthy, happy, kind and emotionally intelligent

Progress and success are measured in many ways at Oughtrington. This could be through meeting individual learning targets or personal aspirations, meeting expectations for academic attainment or increased self-awareness and understanding of themselves and others.

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